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Our Truest Form: By Tara Obriecht

January 17, 2013

Hello All,

I’m writing you today to share an amazing poem my wife emailed me the other day. While I’ve known her to be an amazing poet, this poem took my breath away. I had tears in my eyes while I read her description of the lives we lead and the world we live in.  Reading in amazement as she described in a few words things that take me paragraphs to explain.  The Holy Spirit is doing amazing things in her life and this poem along with a few others, which I’ll be posting in the future, are evidence of it.


Our Truest Form

To be in this world, not of it
Is what He wants us to be
Take away all these masks
That hide and masochistically comfort me

We all disguise ourselves with something
Make up, clothes, work outs and hair
We get trapped in what doesn’t really matter
And start to lose hope that He still has care

When I think of all the things I do
Just to conceal my ongoing pain
It hurts because only in Him
Is our salvation to gain

We make it a battle
We are sure to lose
While we hurry to
Cover up each and every bruise

I’m stripping this down
Like an onion, myself I peel
Uncovering me
To my truest form, so I can feel

If we all just let go
Of the fake confidence we have from things here
Our insecurities would vanish
And our hearts could finally draw Him near


I’ll leave you with three Bible verses to Google and ponder.

Proverbs 2:3-5

Romans 1:20

Psalm 14:1


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