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…And He Rose!!, by Tara Obriecht 

March 26, 2016

…And He rose!!

He was born from the virgin
He healed the sick, raised the dead

He was God on Earth
And from nothing thousands He fed

He was tempted by the devil
He fulfilled prophecies spoken of long ago

He taught with love
He had saved the the lowest of the low

He carried His cross to Calvary
He was sinless and treated like the worst

He was broken for our sins
He gave His life for us, for us He thirst

He hung on the cross with a crown of thorns
He felt our darkness through this pain

He pledged His soul to God the Father
He did it all without hate or blame

And Three days later after his tomb was sealed and closed
Thank you Lord, He rose!

From death to life He took us all
Eternally His believers will never fall

When life is a struggle
….and He rose
When no one is there
…..and He rose
When burdens are too deep
….and He rose
When the world seems unfair
….and He rose

Cast your worries and weight on Him
He will take them all

He rose for His followers
We have eternal life
This piece of it is so small

Strive to spread the news and love as He shows
He died for us on that crimson cross
…And don’t forget He Rose!

By Tara Obriecht

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