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A Testimony, by Tara Obriecht

April 29, 2014

A Testimony

Lost in the world’s answers
Things we are made to believe
This kept me from His truth
With only empty answers to receive

Filling, filling, filling
But never being made full
Relationships, travel, drugs, sex, vanity, TV
Leaning into every tug and pull

Hurt came in
I lost my Dad and more
Hoping their actually was a God
I opened my skeptical heart to restore

Taken into a pushy church
Freshly broken I sat and twitched
No one really tried to connect
I was just something that needed to be fixed

Say the prayer
And become saved?
I left confused
In a daze

Christianity then
Became such a joke
Positive there was no God now
Just mirrors and smoke

Once again I thought of
A million ways to fill this empty space
Never expecting that God existed
Now I’m so thankful for His grace

Confidence near nothing
So many things I wanted to change
He had another plan
Instead of my body, my mind he rearranged

You can only control things up to a point
He taught me to let go
He took over so gently
Bit by bit, nice and slow

The truth visible, my eyes opened
Realizing God wanted a relationship with me
Questions I had He answered through His Word
Confirming this world isn’t all we have, He set me free

Everything here became so small
Worries started to melt away
This world is an illusion
I have to remind myself everyday

I don’t have religion
I have a relationship, a true love
I’m an alien here
A citizen of Heaven above

You get to decide but this life won’t be repeated
You can get caught up in this world and be defeated

Don’t be so blinded by its own design
Get to know out Savior Jesus
The Son God sent us Divine

It’s not perfect, there are struggles
Battles and fears deep within
The important thing is
I have trust and walk with Him.

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  1. “I don’t have religion
    I have a relationship, a true love
    I’m an alien here
    A citizen of Heaven above”

    AMEN TARA! God bless you and may He continue to use you to be a blessing to many!

    Scott Reese

  2. lvbarnes permalink

    Tara, thank you…

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