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Jordan Kurecki Testimony

October 5, 2012

Out in the open wisdom calls aloud, she raises her voice in the public square; on top of the wall she cries out, at the city gate she makes her speech,

“How long will you who are simple love your simple ways? How long will mockers delight in mockery and fools hate knowledge? Proverbs 1:20

Hello All,

I’m writing you today to share another of my friends and past co-workers testimonies. His name is Jordan and coming to know him was another amazing benefit to sending my testimony to everyone in my life. If I wouldn’t have shared my testimony that way, like most Christians, I would have stayed in the dark to the people GOD wants me to connect with.

Fellow Christians, you have to give GOD a chance to work in your life! You have to mix it up. You (non-truthers as well) have to change every habit, ritual and pattern you have that doesn’t include GOD. You have to go towards what makes you uncomfortable. You go against His word when you are quite about your faith. There is no downside to obeying the command given to us in The Great Commission.

Most truth fearers wont think twice about your testimony but the benefit and love you’ll gain from the faithful you don’t know will be immeasurable. And on the off chance that your testimony hits the right person at the right time you could have saved a persons life and have a friend for eternity. There is no downside. As I’ve said before and the Bible says clearly “If GOD be for us, Who can be against us!” He wants you to do the opposite of fear, which is trust Him. Fear is of the Devil and nothing else. When you fear (insecurity comes from fear), you’re not trusting. When you worry, you’re not trusting and when you’re quite you’re neither obeying nor trusting nor allowing Him the opportunity to bless you fully.

As you can see in Jordan’s testimony, GOD works in ways that we’re not expecting. The same way the people of Jesus’ time were expecting a great king as a savior, Jesus came as regular folk, a carpenter. GOD is the opposite of this world and that’s why it’s so hard for many to humble themselves and their intellect.

That’s why it’s so hard for people who’ve been subverted and perverted by this world to see the truth. Nobody wants to feel like they’ve had the wool pulled over their eyes their entire life. Nobody wants to believe that there is a concerted effort by the devil to keep the truth about GOD from them. When many see the Christian that doesn’t fit into this world, that just justifies the person in their inability to see truth. When the person who is afraid to have their knowledge base threatened reads a testimony like this, it just reinforces their head in the sand mentality. Any of you can stop this today. All you have to do is independent open minded research. You can’t prove Jesus isn’t the Son of GOD, so why don’t you give him a chance to be and see where the research leads you?

As always if any of you are interested in contacting Jordan or myself you can write to As always I’ve left the testimony as it was sent to me, I see it as a person’s digital handwriting.  Now lets watch the Creator of the universe do His thing.

Jordan Kurecki Testimony

So its been 5 months since god came into my life,and i have decided to write a brief testimony of the event that changed my life forever. some backround info:i grew up in a family consisting of my mom and my sister,my parents divorced when i was 8 years old,growing up i was constantly chasing things for my own pleasure,i jumped from addiction to addictions,the earliest ones being pokemon games for the gameboy,watching wrestling,collecting yugioh cards, then during my teen years i started becoming really addicted to xbox live and playing games like halo, then in my latter teen years i became extremely addicted to drugs and chasing girls,i was trying to fill this hole i felt in me,i was incredably lonely,and i was trying to compensate with my lack of love in my life by doing drugs,when i was a senior in high school i met a girl named melanie,she was a beautiful girl and we had sex all the time,she told me she loved me daily,yet i still felt like i was missing something,so during the times when i was not around her i just did drugs to compensate for the feeling,being around her masked my feelings of lonliness and my lack of love,but it did not cure the feelings.i started getting heavily into hippie culture and dubstep culture,i spent many times doing acid,eating mushrooms,taking ecstacy, and other psychedelic drugs,while smoking weed daily,and while i felt incredable on the drugs,i always felt like something was missing,and when i came off them it was always hell on earth.i started lookin for god by taking psychedelic drugs and id always end up having these really strong spiritual experiances,but after a few days id lose the sense of gods prescence,i strongly believe that i had been experiancing fellowship with demons during these particular experiances because no matter how good i felt after the experiances, the feeling of well being always fled from me and i always ended back up doing drugs,and doing drugs was really destroying my relationship with my girlfriend melanie,my family,and my friends,i was basically a demon who sought self pleasure over anything else,then a very good friend of mine named noah shroats started inviting me to his church,i went a few times and during those first times i really thought “this is such a waste of time”.after a while the things that were being preached started to sound like a lot of sense once i started being more open to the idea of the bible being true and stuff.i then went out on a leap of faith and accepted jesus christ as my savior and then got babtised on december 11th.about 2 weeks after that i was trying to live a life of drugs and the christian life,i bought tickets for me and my girlfriend to go to rusko on december 30th and we both did ecstacy because me and her had not been getting along very well and we always bond well when we did e together,and during the show i noticed that i wasnt able to enjoy the ecstacy high and that my view of what was going around me was different,i saw the venue and the environment i was at in a new light,i looked around and the main things i noticed were that there were girls everywhere on drugs throwing themselves at guys and having no respect for themselves,i saw one girl getting carried out foaming at the mouth,i saw drug deals going on everywhere,i saw lots of people asking around for drugs,it really started hitting me that i was in a demonic environment,the whole environment was set up to accomodate and influence people to sin and be selfish,i looked at my girlfiend melanie who by the way its really important to note that she had not been givinig me any love or attention the whole night and it was really bothering me,but as soon as the ecstacy kicked in she started telling me everything i had been waiting for and wanting to hear when she was sober, it was  blowing my mind because when i looked in her eyes i didnt see melanie anymore i saw someone very evil and i said “melanie your so fake right now and so is this whole place and environment,i cant be here,i know god doesnt like me being here this place is evil” she basically was begging me to stay,at this point i was being offered a choice,i could stay there roll balls,while listening to my favorite genre of music and one of my favorite artists at the time and probably have my girlfriend literally throw herself at me the whole night and end the night with having sex with her it was as if satan himself was looking me in the eyes and begging me to stay,or i could do the right thing and leave and follow what god was telling me in my heart to i left,and i was walking outside near congress theatre down the sidewalk thinking to myself : “Why is does this keep happening to me,why do i keep falling for this trick and these lies about drugs,why cant i get away from them?” then something i had been taught in church came to my mind, they teach us that we dont need anything except god,and that the moment we realize that things get a lot better, so i went out on a limb and as a sign of faith in god i started taking my wallet,my keys,my phone out of my pocket and throwing them on the ground, i took my 400 dollar iphone and threw it on the ground (this is important to remember that i am in a horrible neighborhood in downtown chicago) and then i took all my clothes off,i was walking down the street naked and a cop car drove by and somehow didnt see me,so here i am standing naked in downtown chicago and i look up to the sky and i say “dear god please help me i need you and nothing else except you”.literally as soon as i do that i hear voices behind me saying hey you dropped this,4 different people brought me back different articles of clothing,my keys,my shoes and other stuff i had thrown on the ground,and then even more crazy is that after about 30 minutes went by i was trying to get people on the streets to let me use their phones to call someone to pick me up and help me when all of a sudden a black homeless looking guy walks up to me and goes did you drop this iphone? i was utterely shocked and took it as angels watching over me sent by god to help me,this isn’t even the end of the story, i continued to walk down the street and walked into a mcdonalds, there was a young man there who locked eyes with and he said the most perfect thing to get me to come over to him he said “hey do you want some free skrillex tickets” i was like huh? and we sit down and talk and he goes hey man whats wrong you dont look so good. i go yeah im ruining my life with drugs and i dont know what to do,i went on a rant about how i had been going to church and was really trying and he stopped me and goes “have you been going every week?” and i stopped and realized i had been blowing off church the last 2 weeks,i was like well i guess i havent,and at this point i notice theres something really different about this guy,everything he was saying was the most perfect and comforting things that one could say,he goes well why do you do drugs? i respond by saying well i guess im just selfish, and he goes no thats a copout why do you feel the need to actually do drugs,and i said well i guess i dont feel loved, at this point in time this man i had never met before starts crying,and i saw jesus christ in his eyes,he looked so incredably disappointed,and i could see that this mans heart was breaking,he goes take a look around you,see that black man in that booth over there? that guy is homeless,he doesnt even have a house,dont you have a house? dont you have a mother who loves you? dont you have a sister who loves you? i was utterly shocked because he knew i had a sister somehow,and he goes you dont really have it that bad,and he goes how do you think i feel when i see homeless people sleeping on cardboard boxes? at this point god is expressing his sorrow for the painful things he has to watch all of us do,and i realize that i was doing drugs while there are people staving to death in the world,i told him i was really sorry and that i wanted to change and he basically said its ok you know what you have to do,and at that moment i realized i needed to start living for god instead of living for myself,and ever since then i have been a completely different the last 6 months i have noticed these changes and blessings: my desire to do drugs is completely gone,i have an incredable heart for people who are suffering,i love giving gifts to others and encouraging others,i genuinely will deny my self things for the benefit of others,i have no stress,no anxiety,i dont worry about the future,and i am able to love others,even people who have wronged me in the past,god has trully changed me into a a completely new person.the main point in my writing this is to tell you this:i opened my mind to god and jesus and i reached out to god to save me,and because i took a leap of faith on god he rewarded me and has changed my life in ways i could never imagine and hes still giving me blessings and doing great things in my life,i tell this story because anyone of you can experiance god in your life if you will just admit to god your a sinner and ask him for forgiveness and believe christ died on the cross for your sins,and ask him to save you,he will do it, and you will never regret it.god loves us so much,but we self manipulate ourselves so much and tend to focus on the bad things in our lives so we have excuses to go out and do things we know aren’t right deep in our hearts. wont you please let god into your life today?

You can get a podcast (simply search WIllow Creek) or go to this site to hear one of the most powerful speakers of our time in Bill Hybles. I urge you to give him a listen and see how he fits in your independent research.

Now we ask you, brothers and sisters, to acknowledge those who work hard among you, who care for you in the Lordand who admonish you. 13 Hold them in the highest regard in love because of their work. Live in peace with each other.14 And we urge you, brothers and sisters, warn those who are idle and disruptive, encourage the disheartened, help the weak, be patient with everyone. 15 Make sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong, but always strive to do what is good for each other and for everyone else (Thessalonians 5:14)

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