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Willow Creek Elders Statement

Below is the Willow Creek Community Church Elders Statement of Sexual Purity in regards to homosexuality as of April 2013.

You can download the entire Elders Statement Of Sexual Purity here.

God’s design is that the marriage union be between a man and a woman. The creation plan for marriage is a reunion of the man and woman that God previously diversified (Gen 2:22-24). Scripture makes clear that God created us man and woman (Gen 1:27) and that a man is to leave his parents (Gen 2:24) and unite or cleave to his wife in marriage (Gen 2:24). Our gendered character is part of our true humanity and this joining of man to woman in marriage is upheld in Scripture as a holy act of God (Matt 19:6). Although no marriage is perfect, the examples we see in Scripture of healthy marriages support this characteristic including the marriage of Boaz and Ruth (Ruth 4) and the marriage of Jesus’ parents Mary and Joseph (Matthew 1–2, Luke 1–2). Song of Solomon is a beautiful book celebrating the sensuality that is rightfully present between a loving husband and wife. Paul’s letter to the church in Rome affirms God’s creation plan for marriage between a man and a woman (Rom 1:24-28).

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