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The Hole: By Tara Obriecht

November 6, 2013

There’s a God shaped hole inside of me.

Why can’t I have more faith to set me free.

Only Jesus Christ holds the key, but my sins make me suffer and humanize me.

I pray to get strength and comfort from Thee.

Die to self daily because no matter what I do there is this hole inside of me.

I fill it with the wrong things and they never completely satisfy me.

I fill it with TV, competition, hate, worries, media and mindless things that placate me.

Not only to placate me but create a distorted reality.

I’m so blinded by this world sometimes I even forget because I can’t always see.

There is this gaping, black hole inside of me.

If I don’t seek the truth and fill it with the love of Christ it will be the end of me.

Please father my loving God don’t let me be tricked by this world, the evil one’s plan.

I get so over worried by this life’s span.

Help me fill that hole with grace, love, fellowship and reading your word so my unfulfilling desires flee.

I pray that You will continually remind me Lord of this hole inside of me.

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