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Abby Muys-Wolf Is Amazing

Out in the open wisdom calls aloud, she raises her voice in the public square; on top of the wall she cries out, at the city gate she makes her speech,

“How long will you who are simple love your simple ways? How long will mockers delight in mockery and fools hate knowledge? (Proverbs 1:20)

Abby Muys-Wolf is amazing!

I first met Abby in Tinley Park around May of 2001 in the hiring trailer of our first Culver’s restaurant. A beautiful young girl full of life and enthusiasm that I could tell right away would be a perfect fit for us.  If my memory serves me correctly she came in with a male schoolmate of hers and they were both looking for a job. We ended up hiring her and the schoolmate and she ended up being one of the employees who opened the store with us, a handful of which I proudly say still work with us today.


Even though I’m sure there are a few, I’m having difficulty recalling a time that she didn’t come in with a smile one her face. Now the thing is, I used to be, and to a much lesser extent still am, a self centered and selfish person. I remember events but I don’t remember timelines or what year certain things happened or exactly how long someone did this or that because I was always worried about myself and too caught up in what I was doing. This is no different than most people who refuse to seek Truth. I preface this post with that so that you’ll hopefully understand when I say, I think Abby worked for us for three years and it might actually be five, or I get the timing or logistics of the story wrong, it’s not a slight against her, it’s a slight against me. If I’m ever not sure about something in any of my writing it’ll be obvious. I could call other people including Abby to refresh my memory on things but I want to write this entire story from the heart, all at once, even though I’ll break it up into several parts once it’s finished..

So I think Abby worked for us for three years until she left to go on a Christian mission trip. At this point like everyone in my life up until lately, if you weren’t in front of me, you weren’t in my life. I didn’t think about Abby as anything more than a past employee. Now I do have loyalty and a bond with anyone who’s ever worked with us. If her or any employee that has parted ways with us on good terms, and probably even ones that haven’t parted ways appropriately, needed something I’d be there for them, again I just didn’t think of anyone but myself day by day and that unfortunately and regrettably included my wife at the time, Christina.

Then one day she showed back up on the radar and one way or the other my life long friend Mike started talking to her and they started hanging out. They had met at my wedding and I think there might have been a little spark but nothing materialized until she was back from her mission.  From there they started dating and had an amazing relationship.

So Abby was around me pretty regularly for a while there. Many times my main goal when I saw her was to cure her of this detrimental disease called GOD and for her personally, Jesus Christ. Again I wasn’t mad at GOD, I didn’t love the devil, I wasn’t mad at life; I truly believed GOD and the devil weren’t real, I was an anti-theist, it was me against this crutch called GOD out of my caring for other people’s condition and the health of the society that I thought was so gross and still do. That it was the worst thing that ever happened on this planet. That it was a detrimental condition for humans because it stole your glory and accomplishment on one side and relieved you of your responsibility and accountability on the other, leaving a mess of a person. All I saw was the Truth they knew, I never actually took the time to see if they were truly a mess, as most of the time was and is the complete opposite.


Mike and I had always been on the same page as far as GOD was concerned and out genuine care for Abby, Mike would try to help in curing Abby of this horrible psychological condition as well. The amazing thing is that after years of this, her faith was unshakable, I’m not saying she lived it out perfectly, none of us do, but no matter how much me or anyone else would reason with her, or back her into a corner with questions she couldn’t answer, or beg her to see how smart I thought I was and look how good my life is without it and you have cancer, she would never denounce or waver on what she knew to be true, and that is, there is a living GOD through Jesus Christ, who you can learn everything about in the Bible and here.

There has only been one example more impressive than this throughout my anti-theist days or should I say the majority of my life. That happened in Washington DC as my cousin Tammy and I were walking through the human evolution exhibit at a museum. After years of me trying to help her with her crutch, I took this opportunity to come at her full force with the apparent evidence that was right in front of her and she didn’t waver. She may not have understood as I do now that you need more faith to believe in human evolution than you do GOD, and that all she would’ve had to say to me was “where are the missing links?” But even in the face of fossils she knew what the truth was. She knew we couldn’t have come from apes because the Bible and a mountain of evidence ( herehere and here) says it’s not true. Yes there’s evolution but not when it comes to man originating from an ape. GOD made us in His image!

I now know how Abby, Tammy, my mom, my aunt Margaret, Mary, Christine, Pat, Diane, all of my uncles, my friend Bret, my brother, and hundreds more were able to stick to their guns after all these years of me shoving what I thought was logic, facts and rational thought down their throat. It’s called the Holy Spirit, it’s the thing that you can feel, it’s doing things in your life everyday, it changes your heart, your desires, and the way you think from the inside out. This happens after you earnestly seek and give yourself over to the Truth of this world. There can be no more talk of no proof, the Holy Spirit is a tangible thing. You just have to be willing to stop protecting you’re ego and intellect and humble yourself for one second and realize you don’t know the Truth, but you want to, no matter how scared of it you are. He’s knocking every second of every day, begging for you to fill the GOD sized hole in your heart with the only thing that can fill it.

You really think I wanted to swallow my pride and say I was wrong my entire life about my most important issue, that I was more sure of than the Sun coming up the next day? And that the thing I was wrong about is actually the most amazing thing in the world and it’s changed my life dramatically in the most beautiful way ever??? NO, but GOD gave me no choice and I’m so humbled and thankful for that. He gave me no choice because I’ve searched for truth my entire life. I cared little about what others thought about my ideas or me.  I had fought insecurity my entire life because I hated the anxiety and pressure that it brought into my life and somewhere around my sophomore year in high school I made a decision to no longer allow others that power over me. Who were they to have that power over me anyway? Who are they to have that power over you? I’ll be writing an entire post on insecurity soon and how it’s the number one thing that keeps people from seeking Truth. This may seem like a tangent to glorify me but in reality it’s a tangent to glorify GOD!

After years of Mike and I trying to cure Abby and Abby trying to get Mike to see the Truth so that they could stay together, it became clear to Abby that Mike wasn’t budging. Abby knew what the Bible says about mixed yokes and even though she had been sinning in that way the entire time, which her and Mike’s heart paid for it in spades, they were dating out of her love for Mike and Mike’s love for her, but she knew she could never marry him if he didn’t know the Truth.


Many people don’t understand this part of Scripture but like everything in the Bible it makes perfect logical and rational sense. Imagine your husband speaking a different language than you and he’s not willing to learn yours even though it’s the native language. Imagine your husband not understanding that there’s a third party that controls everything and loves him in ways he could never imagine. Imagine your husband not seeing, hearing and feeling the signs, signals and prompts that this third party gives us everyday. Imagine your husband sinning and then when bad things happen, not understanding that you reap what you sew and that sin has a natural consequence every time that is much greater than any apparent good feeling or short cut it may have produced. This type of relationship isn’t possible and Abby and GOD know it and now you do too.

So after a year or so of what I’m sure was intense prayer and torment for Abby, and only torment for Mike, they broke things off. They were semi dating, not seeing each other much for that last year as Abby waited for GOD to do His thing, but GOD clearly had other plans for both Mike and Abby. Amazing plans for both that defy human understanding.

For Abby He has blessed her with an amazing husband who happens to also be named Mike. He’s blessed her with amazing sisters, parents, and other family and friends. He’s blessed her with an amazing Spirit, attitude, personality, beauty and knowledge of Him.  And He’s blessed her with a brain tumor! Yes I said “blessed” with an exclamation point. The tumor has come to define her life in order to glorify GOD. This is something that I couldn’t wrap my head around until a few months ago when I met with Abby to talk about the fundraiser we were doing for her bills. When her and Mike were dating, Abby and I were close enough  and she was awesome enough not to get offended when I would ask cynically and not in so many words “where’s your GOD now, how do you rationalize this?” And she would promptly answer my question with some mumbo-jumbo that had something to do with a Spirit and I would start throwing apparent logic and science at her, but she never waivered. Not even when that waver would mean she could marry the guy she loved and who loved her deeply.  It takes more faith to think this is all fake, that Abby, me and millions of others are completely delusional, than it does to understand the Truth. What’s your rational explanation for all of this???

Even after I became a Christian I thought of Abby and her tumor a lot. Even though I’d read several Christian articles and a bunch of information on why bad things happen to good people (read the book and a million other free resources. They take three clicks to find. Don’t let this be one of the trivial things you hang your hat on in order to keep the illusion of your intellect and ego intact) but none of them quite fit this situation right. So I decided that I’d ask her to rationalize it in person when we met to discuss the fund raiser.


So I get to her modest house in Tinley Park, which her husband Mike’s doing some work on.  I walk in, lay eyes on her and she weighs nothing! She’s as pale as a ghost and struggles to get off the couch. She has a big smile on her face and she gives me a hug through her giggles, which are apparently due to her being as happy to see me, as I am she. I’m not fazed by the happiness and joy emanating from her in this situation because it’s been like this since I would tell her that the thing bringing her this joy and comfort was a crutch, a figment of her imagination, a psychological impairment.

So we start chatting and I’m finally ready to pose the big question to her that’s been burning a hole in my brain for years. The one I now think I’m ready to hear the answer to thanks to Jesus Christ. So I say in my normal straight to the point, emotionless, logical, rational tone “How do you rationalize why GOD would allow you to have a brain tumor when you’ve been saved for years?” She begins to remind me of how Mike and I used to marvel at her attitude, joy and temperament through all this. How I’d ask her “how can you be so happy after just getting radiation?” Just to ignore the answer that my ego and insecurity about my intellect didn’t want to hear. She then tells me that it happens to her everyday, by friends, coworkers, strangers, everyone and it’s been happening for all the years she’s been dealing with this.  She then tells me that she’s been answering the same way since the beginning, by saying, “It’s The Holy Spirit, it’s Jesus Christ, The Great Comforter.”

After going to a Christian Apologetics Conference (please Google it!) about a month ago, filled with the most scientific, rational, intelligent, philosophical, theologians in the world, they were about to be blown away as Abby started explaining GOD’S logic to me.  She says that every time someone asks her how she can be so happy and she responds by giving proper credit to the Holy Spirit, GOD is glorified. I sit there stunned by her answer, on the verge of tears, out of momentary emotional confusion, I’m not sure who’s more awesome GOD or Abby.

After I compose myself and get my head on straight again, we chat for a bit more when all of the sudden I hear the most annoying noise coming from the kitchen. She responds by saying “ugh, it’s the stove this happens all the time”.  As she’s dragging herself off the couch, barely able to walk to go turn it off, I tell her  “I got it” and she responds, “it’s ok, it’s tricky”. She gets in the kitchen and after a minute or so the noise stops. She takes about two wobbly steps towards me and the noise is back. Now this girl who looks like she’s going to fall over is laughing her head off and giggling about how she can’t figure it out. Tears begin to well up in my eyes again (as they are while I write this) as I begin to see that GOD is doing this on purpose to give me one more first hand dose of her awesomeness and the awesomeness He’s doing in her life. This is the GOD you ignore, or worse yet, don’t take seriously!

What perfect logic delivered by the one and only GOD through Abby. Take a girl that you know has amazing faith, personality, looks and heart and allow her to have a brain tumor so that even when the most insecure, egotistical (like I used to be), hard headed person sees her, they’ll know there’s more to this world than meets their almost blind eyes.


Fully knowing that once she has this terrible affliction that you’ll bless her with such a large dose of the Holy Spirit that she’ll be able to handle with grace and joy what the blind wouldn’t. And if what the world sees as the worst-case scenario happens, Abby knows full well that it’s actually the most amazing blessing of them all. And in the interim, she was found worthy to struggle for the GOD that created us on par with Paul, Peter and even Jesus Himself! If you trust in Jesus Christ you have eternal life and the troubles of this world are nothing! I think Paul says it best “For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal!” 2 Corinthians 4:17-18

If you’re still not sure what’s going on in this world, I urge you to figure it out! If you don’t “believe” start researching, build your knowledge base in something that matters instead of touchdowns, trivia, CSI, your favorite rock band and Victoria Secret catalogs.

And for those of you who claim to be Christians, who say you know the truth, start living like it! You say you believe, but that means nothing, even the devil believes.“Faith without works is dead!” James 2:26 Every time you profess yourself a Christian and then get drunk, have premarital sex, refuse to spread GOD’S word, skip church, ignore the Bible, don’t help the poor and imprisoned as Jesus directed, be self-righteous like a pharisee, judge others like a sagisee, say racist or homophobic things, rail against illegal immigration when Jesus Himself was one, vote for people who support abortion or should I say the killing of GOD’S children, vote, support or campaign for people who lie through their teeth as all politicians do, alienate friends and family over your useless knowledge of politics which you have no control over so you can be smart at something other than sports which also is irrelevant, not help anyone but yourself, treat your spouse poorly, lie, cheat, steal, make money, your body, vanity, and/or yourself GOD, you’re doing more harm than good. You’re living a lie!  Everyone is watching what this self proclaimed Christian is doing. You’re diminishing what Abby’s living through! You’re worse than any atheist, bigot, homophobe, or evil person. You’re the same as the devil, you come masquerading as the Light, as GOD, but you do the opposite. You hurt His kingdom more than anyone!

If you truly understood and knew GOD personally through the Holy Spirit, you’d have nothing to be afraid of, nothing to be luke warm about. You wouldn’t worry about what others think about you.” If GOD be for us, who can be against us?” Roman 8:31It’s impossible for me to rationalize how people profess to understand that the GODthat created you, sent His only Son to die an agonizing death on the cross to forgiveyour sins, is always good, loves you in way’s you can’t even comprehend, has givenyou everything you have, and who you falsely think has given you eternal life, butyou still know more about Notre Dame than the Bible.

You still can’t help but get drunk when you hang out with your friends as you’ve been doing since you turned eighteen. You can’t help but be a homophobe and a racist in order to falsly build your confidence by tearing others down. You can’t help but consciously rebel against Him because you don’t understand some hardship that you now blame on a faultless GOD. You can’t help but act like a fool and disgrace His temple by getting drunk, high, eating poorly and having premarital sex with GOD’S body. This is not possible to me; the truth is you don’t understand, it’s not real to you, if it was you’d be living by the Holy Spirit as Paul says over and over. You may believe in GOD but you don’t trust Him and you certainly don’t believe in eternal life. Which is probably good because if you’re not living by the Holy Spirit you’re not saved (Hebrews 6:4-8, 2 Timothy 1:14, Ephesians 4:30, Ephesians 1:13, 1 Corinthians 6:19)!

If you consider yourself a Christian but still find yourself rebelling against GOD, or consciously sinning, or just not caring that much about the most amazing Truth of this world, it’s because you don’t get fed. It’s because it’s not real to you. This world is more real to you because you spend all your time in it. You don’t fully understand GOD, Jesus and what they did and continue to do for you. How do you expect something to be real when you don’t know anything about it? How do you expect it to be real when your faith is based on what your parents said? How do you expect it to be real when you don’t go to church, fellowship, read the Bible, think about GOD all day (how can you not? Is there any concept, idea or thought more amazing?), pray to GOD and love GOD more than anything else. How can it be real when things in your life are more important than the GOD that created you, gave you everything and loves you more than anything, it doesn’t even make sense. He deserves to be worshipped, invested in and loved more than anything else in your life but you ignore Him while claiming to love Him!

I’m not being judgmental or self-righteous. Nobodies perfect and I’m far from it. I’m simply trying help people see through their own carefully constructed, self-preserving, safe view of sin and the world.

If I see you on the street not being perfect, I’ll be a friend to you, I’ll try to help you if I can, I’ll treat you with respect. If you’re gay, I’ll love you instead of tearing you down in my mind, to build myself up out of insecurity in my own relationship with GOD and myself.  I don’t raise the bar and be overly critical of Christians (or anyone for that matter) just to build myself up so that I can be confident in my relationship with GOD at your expense.

If you’re weak, I’ll have sympathy and do everything I can to make you strong, whether you’re a Christian or not. As Jesus says, “It’s not the healthy who need a doctor but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners (Mark 2:17) I’m not perfect, no one is, but one thing I can say is that I haven’t consciously rebelled against GOD in any way since the Truth of this world has been made clear to me. I’ve listened to every prompting, sign and signal without hesitation. His will is my will and His will is so much better than my will or your will!

Have I lost my temper, have I not had patience with my wife, have I yelled at my wife, have I spoke rudely and apathetically to my mom, have I not treated others well in the heat of the moment, have I thought bad things about people, have I habitually swore, have I put my self first way too much, YES!  I even had premarital sex in the two days following me being saved before I properly understood the severity of it. But none of those were premeditated or thought out and all were in the heat of the moment, and I pray to GOD every day to move me away from those things because I’m weak and broken as we all are.

This is not me boasting, It’s me being truthful and in turn glorifying GOD. It’s me showing you what GOD can do if you give Him a chance, if you take Him more seriously than you do your fantasy team, hair, make up, vacation, car, workout and/or money. Everything I write, do, don’t do, is by the power of GOD!

If you think this last part wasn’t enough about Abby, or too much about me, or it’s off topic, then you don’t understand GOD, Abby, her situation, this blog or me. This post was never about any of those things. It was about GOD, and how if you refuse to glorify Him and accept the Truth of this world, you’ll never fill the perfectly personally, fitted purpose GOD put you on this planet for. All the while dealing with bad jobs, complications, frustrations, pain, sickness, suffering, stress, and anxiety that you don’t understand because you don’t understand sin. All this while never experiencing the blessings that have dominated my life and then spending eternity in hell!

As always, thanks for reading.

   Whoever corrects a mocker invites insults;

     whoever rebukes the wicked incurs abuse.

    Do not rebuke mockers or they will hate you;

     rebuke the wise and they will love you.

   Instruct the wise and they will be wiser still;

     teach the righteous and they will add to their learning.

  (Proverbs 9:7-9)

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