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God Hates Alcohol!

June 22, 2015

I hope someday the Lord will allow me to put some of my own thoughts into a post, but until then I’ll post the Biblical truth others have so accurately written about.

I do this now out of compassion because the devil is continuing to steal, kill and destroy through one of his favorite and most subtle weapons; alcohol.

Whether it’s through the intellectual draw of wine and ales or just the hardcore manipulation and indoctrination of the big beer companies, the devil has both the rich and poor on the ropes.

The “sophisticated” and “educated” take their trips to Napa and talk about all the nuances of their poison, while the simple working man gets hit over the head no matter where he goes.

Either way, it’s all coming from one place; THE DEVIL!

I encourage everyone to join the “Not a Drop For Life Club” as Tara, I and so many others have. Even though I never had a problem with alcohol, God took the desire from me four years ago and I haven’t had a drop since. This isn’t about having a problem, it’s about avoiding temptation and sin.

Anyone claiming to love Christ and hate sin and temptation, after reading the below with a soft and humble heart, and continuing to drink, really needs to examine himself. Why would you expose yourself to something that’s unnecessary, addictive, and dangerous in the middle of the intense spiritual battle being waged against us every day?

Anytime you alter your mind it’s a spiritual matter. Buzzed is drunk and in turn sin. Even unbelievers make this clear in the billboards that exclaim, “Buzzed driving is drunk driving”. Any level of intoxication lowers your inhibitions making you more susceptible to temptations which is contrary to all that the Bible has to say. Don’t ask the Lord in the Lord’s prayer to, “Keep you from temptation”, if you’re going to willingly and eagerly do things that make you a more susceptible to it. Being buzzed separates you from God. Ask yourself, would you come before the throne in prayer buzzed?

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The best advertisers for alcohol companies are parents.

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