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July 12, 2014

I’m so thankful that the Lord has opened my eyes to what is most important to Him, discipleship.

Jesus commanded us to go and make disciples, yet they’re some of His most ignored words, and they’re ignored by Children of God.

Why are they ignored? Because discipleship takes relationship, and nothing is more difficult than relationships.

Why are relationships difficult? Because relationships take time and patience.

And there’s nothing Christians are more stingy with than their time.

On top of time, relationships are messy, risky, disappointing, hurtful, dangerous, inconvenient, uncomfortable, and a whole list of other things that people are willing to deal with for friends or family or personal gain and happiness, but not for God.

God models relationship all through the Bible and refers to Himself as our Father and us His children, and wants us to seek the relationships He’s calling us to, relationships with people not like us, relationships with people who don’t use email, who can’t afford the things we can, who don’t like the same things we like.

And when He does, we cringe and look for ways to throw money, words, prayer, works, volunteering, donating, ministries, anything but lots of time and relationship at the problem.

There’s no better way to transfer hope than through relationship.

There’s no better way to be sanctified than through the relationships God’s calling us to.

Tv viewership between Christians and Non-Christians is nearly identical, so is the amount of alcohol we ingest, so is the amount of music we buy, we read the same books, watch the same shows, are addicted to the same caffeine, support the same politicians, talk about the same meaningless sports, and spend our time in much the same way the worlds lost do.

Unfortunately, the average Christian is nearly one with the world. There is no doubt the culture/world influences Christians more than the converse.

So as you read John MacArthur’s words below ask yourself the following. How does your conduct compare with that of the worlds?


“In John 15 Jesus perhaps puts to us the most searching question of discipleship in all the Bible. Listen to this. “If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you.” Now listen to this, “If you are of the world, the world would love its own.” The world loves its own. But, “Because you’re not of the world, I’ve chosen you out of the world, therefore the world…what?…hates you.” Searching question…are you ready? This is your test for this morning, one question…what does the world think of you? What do they think of you? They hate you? Or are you sort of snugly and wrapped and feel very warm and comfortable in the world? Are you on the world’s course? Do you do what the world does? You enjoy the world’s life? Or are you the constant antagonist of the world so that the world hates you? The world should hate the Christian. And the Christian should hate the world. Not the people in the world but the evil system of the world.

Why do you think Paul said this? “Come out from among and be ye separate, touch not the unclean thing.” Because he knew that that was the character of discipleship and Hebrews gives us the greatest example of that, Jesus Christ, of whom it says, “He was holy, harmless, undefiled…are you ready for this one?…separate from sinners.” Well He touched them in His daily walk and He loved them, but in terms of conduct, they were a billion miles apart. You have no place in the world. So said Jesus, “Woe unto you when all men speak well of you.” You’re in trouble. “

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