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The Elimination Of False Spiritual Security, Part 6: Complacency, Hypocrisy, Idols, and Addictions!

September 2, 2013

Read part 5 here.

Romans 10:9 says:

If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.

When’s the last time you even said the word Lord? How many of your friends, family and especially your co-workers even know you’re a Christian? Do they know WHY you’re a Christian? Have you told them the Holy Spirit is living inside of you, and that God sent His only Son to die on the cross for their sins, and he was raised again on the third day? Do they know you not only believe it, but you base your entire life on it? Do they understand the consequences for not believing it? Or is that an uncomfortable conversation you’d rather avoid, at the expense of a their potential salvation.

If having that conversation is too much for Jesus to ask, post about your faith regularly on Facebook. Start a blog, and tell the world about all the great things that Jesus has done for you. Write up your testimony (what God has done in your life) and put the link on the bottom of every email you send. If God be for us, who can be against us!

It would be better if you said you’re an atheist, but as it is, you’re doing more damage than any atheist ever could. Just put the title of Christian on the shelf until you’re able to at least attempt to respect the relationship you purport to have with the Person who died for your sins and gave you eternal life.

Stop calling yourself a Christian, when in reality your church is your idol, and you appropriately call yourself the name coinciding to that idol like Catholic or Mormon. Stop calling yourself a Christian until you’re ready to put aside your pride and research the false religion or false conversion that your FSS originates from. Ask God to show you the truth, and He will, just like He did for my mom and two of my aunts when they left catholicism in exchange for the true light after 40 years!

FSS is damaging on so many levels. These levels include personally, relationally, corporately (church wide), and to the Kingdom of God. For the purposes of this article I’ll focus on the personal level. FSS leads to complacency, a false sense of security, and counterfeit hope. Complacency is the norm for people who call themselves Christians. Much of this complacency comes from the fact that they either think they’re going to heaven, or they truly are. This complacency, along with large doses of hypocrisy in word and action, is one of the things that kept me an atheist for most of my life.

Hypocrisy from my Christian friends that partied as hard as me, had just as dirty of a mouth as me, and fornicated more then me. Hypocrisy from the Catholic priests (who aren’t priests at all), bishops, cardinals and popes that either molested tens of thousands of boys over several decades or continue to cover it up. Why do catholics still put their kids in harms way? Because their FSS is wrapped up in their church/idol, priest, pope, counter Biblical doctrines, and pride instead of real security that comes from giving your life to Jesus Christ.

Hypocrisy that I continue to see at every turn as people profess their love of Christ while getting drunk, serving two masters in the form of TV, caffeine, and nicotine addictions, and knowing more about the Cubs, Bears and working out then they do about the Bible as they worship their real gods.

I want to point out that I know a few serious minded Christ followers that struggle with the things I’ve listed above. The difference is these things hurt their hearts, and they pray everyday that God will help them to be obedient in those areas. However the vast majority of Christians I know don’t even see complacency and certain addictions and idols as problems, nonetheless ask for forgiveness and pray to have them removed.

Anytime there is something unnecessary that you can’t go with out, that you can’t stop doing, that when removed or reduced causes stress and anxiety, that is more prevalent in your life then Christ, you’re serving two masters, you have idols, and they’re all a form of willing disobedience and sin against God.

So try not watching TV, drinking caffeine, watching or following sports, checking Facebook, watching and reading fictional movies and books, for a month, even a week, and see how many masters you serve. Watch how the anxiety and stress grows, as your addiction and flesh get more and more hungry.

Try volunteering twenty hours a month, and see how powerful of an idol your free time is. This really opened my eyes. I was the most selfish person with my time and attention of anyone I knew. Volunteering and doing God’s work has stretched me to the limits, but I’m so happy I begged God to use me for His work. The only reason God isn’t doing amazing things in your life is because you don’t have the desire, eagerness and willingness to do His work.

Being convicted of these things is great; it’s when you’re oblivious to them that you should be concerned!

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