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The Elimination Of False Spiritual Security, Part 4: “Christians” Are The Problem!

August 11, 2013

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I think FSS is one of the biggest problems facing Christ’s church today. Not atheists, nor sinners, nor the devil, nor minorities, nor homosexuals, nor liberals, or any of the other false scapegoats that “Christians” like to point fingers at to explain their problems and the ills of society, but “Christians” themselves.

It’s the people who go around saying they’re Christians, when they don’t know what that means. When they don’t read or understand the Bible, and certainly don’t know what Jesus meant when He said in John 3:3;“Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are Born Again”.

The reality is, most ills of society fall on the back of luke warm professing Christians. Same sex marriage, abortion, war, and racism, are for the most part the result of generations of Christians being meek, comfortable, preoccupied, distracted, selfish, passive, uneducated on the Word of God, and unwilling to use  our strongest offensive weapon, prayer.

God gave us the power to change anything on this planet through prayer and doing His work, and “Christians” have failed. This failure will rest on the shoulders of the ones who were blessed with eternity, but couldn’t find time to stop their Coffee, TV, nicotine, porn and money addictions while being too preoccupied with Facebook, Words with Friends, Candy Crush, Fifty Shades of Grey, technology, sports, music, and their iPhones to live intentionally and passionately for Christ.

These same Christians hide under the guise of being loving, politically correct, or not offending anyone, but in reality, don’t have faith strong enough, or at all, to speak the truth of God boldly. If you truly understand Christ and what He did for you, this cowardice makes no sense. 

If your inability to be bold for Christ isn’t in your prayers every night, and hurting your heart everyday, you either don’t have the Holy Spirit in your heart, or you’re ignoring it out of your need to be comfortable, politically correct or inoffensive to the point that you’re willing to cheapen, sugar coat or mute the truth Christ died for. Where is your saltiness (Matthew 5:13)?

These are the same “Christians” who remain quite, or even naively supportive, while our country passes same sex marriage. The churchgoers who don’t care enough about their LGBT friends and family to tell them in a loving way that homosexuality is a sin and is destroying their life, all while claiming to love them by keeping the Truth from them. These are the people who helped keep me, and still keep millions of others, comfortable in their ignorance about the truth of Jesus Christ, because their lifestyles and behaviors don’t match up with their professed beliefs.

The bottom line is if you’re not having uncomfortable conversations, if you’re not being stretched by doing God’s work, and you’re not asking God everyday to use you and take you out of your normal, selfish, and worldly routine, you either don’t have the desire to do God’s work, don’t understand and respect what Christ did for you on the cross, or you’re not a child of God.

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