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The Elimination Of False Spiritual Security

July 25, 2013

Hello All,

Today I’d like to talk about something I call False Spiritual Security (FSS). For a Christian, the biggest and most important source of spiritual security is knowing that Christ died on the cross for our sins, was raised from the dead on the third day, which in turn is proof that we too will spend eternity in heaven. It’s called security because there’s nothing more secure then knowing you’re going to live forever with Jesus Christ,  that time and death have no hold on you, and age is nothing.

FSS is a situation where a person thinks they’re going to heaven, but in reality that’s not the case. They try to live as if the Holy Spirit’s inside of them, but they can’t because the Spirit of God isn’t present. They’re still a slave to sin and can’t figure out why. They live with a guilty conscience and all the anxiety and stress produced by it. They’re confused because they profess themselves as Christians, but still live with the weight of their sins on their shoulders. They’ve either deceived themselves, or others have done the deceiving, but in the end the devil is the one pulling the strings. The devil loves nothing more then someone who falsely thinks they’re going to heaven, because his job is done.

Just so there’s no confusion, you can replace going to heaven with, Born Again, having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, saved, a Christian, a Child of God, or any number of terms that indicate that you’ll be with God and Jesus Christ eternally.

I’ll start by saying that I owe everything I have to Jesus Christ. The only reason I’m able to follow Christ, is because of God’s mercy and grace, combined with my eagerness to do so. Nothing I do, or don’t do is by my own power. The only reason I’ve been delivered from anti-theism, addictions, sin and rebellion against God, is because I threw myself on His mercy, forgot my own plans, and begged Him for forgiveness. God offered His grace (unmerited favor) to me and I took it. He’s offering the same thing to everyone! I’m completely dependent on the Holy Spirit, and it’s the most amazing feeling. Nothing is more freeing!

Part Two

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