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Truth Of The Day: Life Comes Down to Self Worth!

April 25, 2013

I’m reading the book “Search For Significance by Robert McGee” for a Bible study I’m a part of called “Next Level Men”.  In the first chapter he describes in crystal clear fashion the thing that I’ve always said of people who aren’t Born Again: “You have a God sized hole in your heart, that can only be filled by God, and He’s begging you to let Him fill it”.

The following is Robert’s description of this phenomenon:

The central questions man must face in life are Who am I? and Why am I here? These questions relate directly to man’s search for self-worth and significance. The world has programed us with a specific system of evaluating ourselves. This system is contrary to God’s system, no matter what our standard of performance is or who’s approval we’re seeking. The worlds system will allow fleeting moments of success and pride, but it will never let us enjoy lasting personal significance. Success and approval cannot ultimately fulfill our need for self-worth. 

Not approval or love from your spouse, not success in raising a family, there is only one kind of success or approval that will bring true fulfillment and that’s from Jesus Christ.

This is another excerpt:

Our deep hunger for self-worth is God given, and since He created us, He is the only one that can fill it.

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