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Votes III: Politics Are Not Fruit!

November 4, 2012

Out in the open wisdom calls aloud, she raises her voice in the public square; on top of the wall she cries out, at the city gate she makes her speech,

“How long will you who are simple love your simple ways? How long will mockers delight in mockery and fools hate knowledge? (Proverbs 1:20)

So how much time have you wasted talking about nothing? How much longer are you going to continue to be fooled? How much longer are you going to artificially inflate your ego being an expert on make-believe? I know it’s painful to admit that this society and the knowledge you have about it is an illusion but what’s the alternative? To keep living a lie? That’s the bet they’re making. That you have invested too much into this charade to admit you’re wrong. On a smaller scale that’s why books are their most powerful weapons. Because once you’ve spent a couple weeks reading a book, no one wants to admit it was in vein. Now expand that to every newspaper you’ve read, every article you’ve read and every news show you’ve watched. Are they right, do you have too much invested, too much pride, too fragile of an ego to start searching for truth?

They think they can keep us placated by keeping us entertained, fed and housed. Entertainment that continues to degrade our morals, food that continues to poison us and houses that keep us slaves to our jobs and away from our families.  Are they right? We’ll see by the number of votes, by the millions the disillusioned contribute to campaigns and by how much stress, anxiety and separation this election causes our nation.

There are only two issues that matter in this country, the economy and the military. The president unilaterally appoints the Fed chief who controls the economy and is also the commander and chief of the military and now thanks to Bush he can unilaterally go to war at any time and declare marshal law at any time for any reason.

The president also unilaterally appoints Supreme Court justices. So in the end the President has all the power. Way too much according to the founding father’s original blueprint. So own the president, own the country. Better yet, own all of your representatives. If you get too greedy in one of the bubbles or get too greedy in manipulating the stock market (which is nothing but a way to steal the wealth of the American people through bubbles as was made clear by the first in the great depression) and the people get restless, they better watch out, watch out for marshal law, watch out for tear gas in their face just like on many campuses in the past couple years.

The country is controlled by money, and ultimately the military, and the president controls both. All the other issues, like abortion, gay rights, education, health care reform, stem cell research, etc… while very important, aren’t going to change anymore than the two that matter will. Education and healthcare reform will continue to be treated as second fiddle just as it has for fifty years. It’s all about tearing down this country and separating it from GOD.

The other issues are just a smoke screen meant to keep us fighting and distracted. Republicans and democrats will always settle on the two issues that matter in the same place, at war or spending to get ready for it and in debt. Debt that is meant to weaken this country to the point of collapse so that one world government can step in and put in place one world currency as the Bible says.

America and it’s wealth, power, guns and Christianity have been the only thing standing in the way of this for the last thirty or more years. All the world leaders have wanted to do this but it takes time to make it seem like it just naturally happened.

It takes time to destroy the most powerful and wealthiest; Christian based country in the world. It takes time to get those guns out of the hands of those pesky red neck Christians that are such a thorn in their side. It takes time to get us used to xray scanners and cameras and checkpoints. It takes time to falsely make us believe that Islam is the enemy. That they have the ability to pull off 9/11 but nothing since. And then in turn use 9/11 to steal our freedoms and liberties. It takes time to systematically steal our wealth through the stock market, housing bubbles, debt to the unnecessary Federal Reserve and horrible fiscal and economic policy.

They are an extension of the devil and they are as slick as it gets. Who are these people? The people who run the big banks, the people who own the newspapers, the people who own the entertainment companies, the people who own the insurance companies, the drug companies, the food companies, the TV stations and production companies that make the content.

The two things they don’t want us to talk about GOD and Politics just happen to be the most important things to understand. In the case of politics it’s not a matter of understanding whether to be a republican or democrat, it’s a matter of understanding that it’s a lie and that it’s being perpetrated to destroy the country you live in, the lifestyle you love, your children’s life and the reality that Jesus Christ is the only power in this world. I think this is a good time for two of my favorite quotes.



Now I’d like to talk to my fellow Christians. Point me to politician that isn’t a liar. Not just kind of a liar, but a non-stop liar. Explain to me how you get anywhere in politics without lying through your teeth. But still you support someone who didn’t just get somewhere; he got to the republican nomination? Why, because he espouses some fake commonality between your beliefs and his? Are you really this naïve? The fact that Romney acts like he carries those beliefs and calls himself a Christian and then lies through his teeth is worse than Obama supporting abortion and not following any of his supposed beliefs.

Don’t you see what they did to Bush and what Bush purposely did to himself? They hold Bush up as the Christian, get all of the Bible thumpers to support him blindly and then tear him down. When Bush fails as president, as a Christian, what does that say about GOD? It says exactly what they want it to say, that indirectly there is no such thing. That He has no power.

What does it say about all the Christians who blindly supported him? Some like to tell me that at least there is someone in the White House saying that abortion is wrong and that’s better than nothing. I say that’s not true if the person at the end of his term is hated by everyone and has no credibility. Or during his term doesn’t hold to any of his promises as every candidate has done in the last thirty years. Then the words the supposed Christian speaks on abortion become worthless just as planned when that supposed Christian becomes worthless.

Does it make you feel accomplished to vote for the pro-life candidate? Like you did your part? I’m sure it does and that is also by design. It soothes your conscience from not really doing anything about it. About not really doing GOD’S work. You wasted your time supporting, campaigning and arguing for what you thought was the choice for Christians and for unborn babies. Well I’m here to tell you that you did more harm than good in so many way I can’t even count. You want to make change, go stand in front of clinics and try to have discussions with the young women who are about to make the biggest mistake of their life. I didn’t say picket or yell or do anything other than wait and hope that you can talk one girl out of thousands as real Christians do everyday.

You want to make change? Start doing GOD’S work. Arguing and campaigning and politics have nothing to do with GOD’S work. GOD’S work revolves around bringing people into His Kingdom, spreading His Kingdom, spreading His Word and helping the least of His.

Professing to everyone around you that you’re a Christian and everything you have is from your Father. Voting is not GOD’S work, it’s tearing it down, as I’ve made clear. So I challenge all of you to ask yourself what have you done more of this year, GOD’S work or Mitt’s work. Have you spent more time in the Bible or on Faux News? Have you spent more time listening to Rush or arguing with friends or going to church? Have you posted more about a guy you know nothing about or the amazing things GOD has done in your life?

Stop allowing yourself to be subverted, mislead and fooled. As Christians you have one job and that is to move His kingdom forward. Anything else is of the flesh and of this world. Anything else is for your own ego and pride. As Paul said “Faith without works is dead” James 2:20. As Paul says in the same verse “even the demons believe and tremble” or even the most evil people fear GOD but it doesn’t make them Christians. We’re judged by our fruits, by what we produce, by our work! If you truly understood what GOD did for us on the cross you wouldn’t be able to help but do works! You’d study GOD’S word until you understood so clearly that it would be burning inside you to do His work. Belief is nothing without understanding!

Every gun and weapon in this society is pointed at Christianity and they’re silent and subtle. Turn off the Bears and pay attention, be alert, look deeper. Put down the beer, spend a weekend doing something other than getting drunk. You’re under attack and you don’t even know it.

Once you’re addicted to pornography, or think that weed, caffeine or Adderall aren’t addictive, they’ve already fooled you. Once you start to think that premarital sex is ok, even though if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll realize that it’s probably lead to some of the most intense pain you’ve felt in your life, that it leads to STD’s, abortions, unwanted pregnancies, psychological damage and a potential life of the inability to open your heart and trust. They’ve got you!

Open your eyes and see that there is a concerted effort to keep you in debt. That when you don’t use GOD’S resources appropriately, you’re allowing the devil his way and ignoring your Father. Realize that this mirage isn’t just happening at the presidential level. It’s happening at all levels. That a Christian has no place discussing politics and can do infinitely more talking about Christ instead of Mitt. That every second you talk about politics you’re falling right into their trap. When you allow Obama 2012 to convince you that Obama is anti-colonialism, when really that’s nothing more then the devils cover for destroy america and Obama doesn’t even know it, he’s simply doing the devils work as all unregenerate people do. Replace anti-colonialism with anti American as Mitt is and Bush was and as Clinton (the gains America made under Clinton were nothing more that one big build up of wealth just so it could be stolen) was. Replace anti-colonialism with, America needs to be destroyed so that we can have one world government and then watch Obama 2012.

All of this isn’t information I just happened upon. Searching for truth is something I’ve done my entire life, and in the last three years I’ve concentrated on society, politics, power and money and this is where it’s lead me. Once GOD revealed Himself to me it all made sense. This wouldn’t have been possible without my Father.

Many of the things I’ve talked about in this post have been revealed to me by Him in so many amazing ways I can’t even start to tell you. I didn’t hear any voices, notes didn’t fall from heaven, he just simply put it on my heart and nudged me in the right direction. How does GOD put things on your heart? Easily, a little anxiety here, a little excitement there. A little adversity here, a little smooth sailing there.

He’s guiding all of us everyday. Some of us understand that adversity, and head in the other direction and some of us don’t and keep getting deeper and deeper into it. In the same way a commercial can cause an emotional reaction in us to buy something, GOD can do it infinitely better and more effectively.

There may be some of you who see what I’ve written here as unpatriotic. Nothing could be further from the truth. What’s unpatriotic is allowing your country and GOD to be taken right out from under you, while you pompously think you have knowledge and wisdom. While you think more about where the next meal’s coming from, even though it’s slowly and intentionally killing you. While you’re confused about why you can’t wake up or go to sleep but don’t want to think about Starbucks or how you became addicted to it. Or how you’re being brain washed into thinking GOD’S not real as you watch your favorite sitcom or movie. While you think more about when the next version of Madden is coming out than if there’s a GOD and what is life really all about. While you watch the Bears or the Cubs or what ever escape from reality you prefer over understanding why you can’t seem to get ahead or your marriage is falling apart or why you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin. Or why you need that escape in the first place. They’re silent weapons for a silent war and they’re pointed at the United States as a whole and even more intensely at Christianity and Christians.

So who are you going to vote for?

Addendum: It has been made clear to me by several people that there is one part of voting that I missed, and that is local issues and initiatives. While I still know that voting for most anyone, state level or higher (or mayor if you’re in a city of more than 150k people) is a waste of time, I do agree that voting on local items can be very important and I wish I would have done this in the past election.

Don’t take my word for it! Research, Learn, Understand, Trust!


Both of these video’s are excellent to explain how this country was formed and what’s happening today. Ignore the disgusting attempt to sell crap in GOD’S name that starts the video. The truth is that the people who control this world know the truth can’t be stopped but it can be controlled. And one of the many ways they’ve controlled it is by controlling TBN, it’s content and it’s appearance to the average person. To Christian’s it controls the information they get, to people searching for truth it makes Christians look like money hungry crazies. It’s all by design. Fast forward to about 1:20…

The Culture War In America

America; A Christian Nation

Conflict of Interest over several presidents both republican and democrat and a couple tax payer bailouts!

Conflict of Interest

My Testimony

2 Timothy 2:3

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