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Votes II: The Miscalculation!

October 30, 2012

Out in the open wisdom calls aloud, she raises her voice in the public square; on top of the wall she cries out, at the city gate she makes her speech,

“How long will you who are simple love your simple ways? How long will mockers delight in mockery and fools hate knowledge? (Proverbs 1:20)

There being no truth in politics is the reality that hit me square in the face in the months after Obama was elected. In the months leading up to the election I was watching MSNBC like a fiend. I was so filled with hope for this country. I seriously saw the high-speed rail that much lesser countries had enjoyed for years coming to our country. I saw a health care system that the rest of the world mocks, coming to an end. I saw the green movement taking off like we were in Switzerland. A smart grid, Internet access for everyone, electric cars, etc… All the things we should’ve been enjoying for years. All the things that every politician both republican and democrat, whether president or representative, whether federal or state, had an excuse for why it couldn’t be done, while a much lesser country in every measure like Switzerland and many more do it all.

I watched the president get elected with tears of joy and hope in my eyes. I went to Grant Park with hundreds of thousands of others, with even more tears and thoughts about how proud I was of our country for electing a black man that wasn’t a homophobe. I also thought the republican party was dead. I mean seriously in jeopardy of not existing. We had a filibuster proof majority in the Senate, a big majority in the House, the president, and a country that hated the republicans. For those of you who may not be politically savvy, this meant we could have passed that every person had to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at noon everyday. Total control and power, nothing could be done to stop the democrats from passing anything they wanted.

So the first item on the president’s desk was health care. I’m thinking we’re going to get the universal health care that he promised, like Switzerland, or at least single payer like France and the Netherlands. Even though those systems aren’t perfect, they’re leaps and bounds better than what we have here, and it’s clear the President knows this and is aggressively promising it.

This is where my personal curtain fell as far as politics in this country was concerned. If you look back at the months following the election you will see an unprecedented amount of Senators either switching parties, retiring, quitting, resigning or changing their mind on what has been the lowest hanging fruit and most talked about issue at the time. A president that while saying he’s going to give the country back to Main Street is filling his cabinet with the same Wall Street thugs that almost destroyed this country (as you can see in the graphic) just as every president has since Reagan. A president that campaigned on universal health care and is now saying that he wants to negotiate and work with both sides of the aisle on the issue when he doesn’t have to. A president that we elected to pass universal health care and many other things, not negotiate on them.

Then finally it washed over me. The people who run this world, who are an extension of the devil, had made a rare misstep. GOD was going to make them scramble and show some of their cards. Hoping that His people would wake up to this game, but they haven’t.

The powers in this world underestimated how angry the nation was at Bush, while also underestimating how much we liked and had hope in Obama. They knew that Obama was going to win all along, that was never in jeopardy. They needed him to take the spotlight off the good ol’ boy system that had been running strong since the first Bush. Yes this includes Clinton. Its clear in the movie “Inside Job” from my previous post, that this corruption is on both sides of the aisle. They needed him so when nothing changed between Bush and Obama, the conspiracy wouldn’t be so obvious. And to top it all off, they now knew every black person was on their side even though they have been and always will be the ones who are hit the hardest by the people this country votes for.

It didn’t matter how many blacks they kept out of work, dying in the streets or couldn’t feed their families. They needed a cover and just like everything else they weren’t leaving it up to chance. Bush was a sacrificial lamb, someone who could take our liberties at will, someone we’d hate in the end, but does it really matter now that we’re virtually slaves. Slaves to our jobs, slaves to the TSA, slaves to checkpoints, slaves to cameras, slaves to debt, slaves to schooling that is becoming more and more worthless everyday.

The misstep was that even though they knew they could use their propaganda machine (TV, media, movies, newspapers, radio, etc….) to fix the vote to ensure a victory for Obama, they didn’t expect people to be so disillusioned with the entire republican party that they would vote democrat right down the ticket in such numbers.

They were left with what they feared the most. No excuse to keep things bogged down in politics and bureaucracy. A clear road to getting things done and improving the country with too much apparent power on one side. So now what? We can’t have health care reform, that would take too much money away from the insurance companies while improving millions of Americans lives. So we need to get rid of that filibuster proof majority in the Senate right away. So look back and see what calls were made to who and where the health care bill ended up and make your own decision. This is what was the break in the dam for me and that break has continued to this day until there is no dam left.

To be Continued here…

Don’t take my word for it! Research, Learn, Understand, Trust!


Again the president and all of our Congressman and Senators are some of the most well informed educated people in this country, with even more educated and well informed people woking for them. They all know everything the movie I ended my previous post with “Inside Job” says. They also fully understand what the following video says but only one of them speaks up out of over 500. Ron Paul is the only one who speaks out about the Federal Reserve but don’t be fooled. Ron Paul is in on it too. He’s what you call an over flow guy. Any one who doesn’t fall into one of the nice neat republican or democrate camps, he’s there to catch. He’s right about the Fed but don’t you find it curious that he’s the only representative we have out of over 500 that speaks up. Doesn’t he efficiently keep third party candidates out of the race? Don’t be fooled. Nothing is as if it seems!

The Fed Explained

My Testimony

Isaiah 29:14

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