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September 14, 2012

None of us can prove that Jesus isn’t the Son of GOD, and if He is, there is nothing more important in your life or in this world. One of the most important responsibilities we have to GOD is to find the truth. It’s all around us and obvious. The evidence and proof is overwhelming. Everyone will be judged on their own opportunities to find the truth and what they did with them.

If you’re friends with me, have the internet, Christians around you to question, a Bible, Christian churches and an open loving mind thirsting for what is clearly the most important truth, it wont be hard to find.

What are you doing to find the truth? What have you decided is more important to do today than find the real truth? Not someone else’s truth, not my truth, not the truth you were raised with, not the truth you’ve garnered from slivers of conversations or a patch work of witty statements, not truth based on some untrue unsubstantiated concept or ideas you and others have of Jesus Christ. Your own truth that only comes from Independent, open minded, truth seeking research!

GOD created this world so He could give and receive true love. God is aggressively pursuing a relationship with everyone of us through Jesus Christ. Not just belief but a relationship. Not just belief, but understanding of Him that only comes with fellowship with other Christians, prayer, church and reading the Bible. Trust in Him. Putting Him first and ourselves last in the hopes of receiving the best thing possible in the Holy Spirit.

The thing that continues to give me comfort and contentedness that I never thought possible. The thing that now guides me through life and confirms what the right path is. The thing that takes the fear, worry and stress out of life. The thing that evaporates insecurity. The thing that cures loneliness as nothing else can. The only thing that provides long term deep satisfaction, that if you’re honest with yourself, you know  you’ve never felt and never will apart from your Creator. How can you be satisfied when He’s built into each of us the longing to be with Him again? You can’t be satisfied ignoring the one who created us and loves us most.

When you’re done trying self help books, diets, psychologists, marriage counselors, drugs, medication, broken relationships, Buddhism. When you’re done being depressed, lonely, exhausted, cheated on and lied to. When you’ve tried everything else, how much more obvious can the real answer be? What haven’t you tried? You’re willing to pay thousands of dollars to a physiologist or on drugs or on makeup, but the idea of GOD helping you is too far fetched? If Jesus is the Son of GOD and you don’t believe or have a relationship with Him when He desperately is trying to have one with you, how do you expect life to be joyous?

In my opinion the biggest reason people reject Christianity is that it forces you to stop living for you. To love GOD more than yourself. Is this because GOD doesn’t want you to love yourself? No! He just knows that humans operate best when they love something greater then themselves and love Him and people around them more then themselves. It’s his perfect design and the design people struggle with the most. People will try everything as long as they keep control. It’s not going to work!

If you think randomly seeing me is just coincidence, then you don’t understand how GOD uses coincidence. I’m not saying I’m anyone special, He simply uses me because I’m probably the one who is currently trying to get you to see the truth and He figures how much more clear can he make it? When you see me randomly on the streets of Chicago twice in two days, when I see you in a club on the first night I’ve been out in over three months, when I see you in a suburban grocery store that neither one of us have any business being in and when I see you in a bike shop that I’ve never been and will probably never visit again. He’s directly and aggressively telling you He wants a relationship with you!

As I’ve said your understanding of GOD will change just by reading this blog, this will raise the bar on what your responsibilities are and how you handle certain situations and information. Ignoring coincidence before you read this post will be treated differently then it will now. As you open your mind to how GOD works other things will change as well. The greater your understanding the more He’ll expect from you. Discipline will become more intense, immediate and clear. So will His blessing and love. Ignoring these things will no longer be an option.

Since you can’t prove that Jesus isn’t the Son of GOD lets have a discussion as if he is. What are you hanging your hat on to prove that He’s not? Noahs Ark, the splitting of the Red Sea, rising from the dead, virgin birth, evolution? So if GODS real, now you’re saying these things aren’t possible for GOD? Now your understanding is equal to GODS? GOD couldn’t have evolution in some aspects of the world but not when it applies to Humans? Where are the missing links?

If you were going to start a religion and wanted to get people to follow it would you make these things up? If you were trying to control people or trick them would you try to get them to believe this? You only would if it was the truth and you were GOD! If you wanted as many people to follow this religion as possible would you tell people not to have premarital sex? Would you tell them to do the most counterintuitive thing for a human in putting yourself last? There’s only one religion that does these things and it’s not to control or trick, it’s to teach us how to live the best life possible. It’s to teach us how to live a life with GOD instead of against Him or without Him. GOD doesn’t care about deeds or how good of a person you are if you don’t have a relationship with Him. It doesn’t matter how good of a person you are, life will always be much less than what it could be without a relationship with GOD.

Even though you can’t prove Jesus isn’t the Son of GOD, you can prove that He is by receiving the Holy Spirit. I feel it everyday along with Christians all over the world. The Holy Spirit proves the Trinity (GOD, Jesus and the Holy Spirit) and in turn the fact that Jesus is the Son of GOD. No other religion has an explanation for what I continue to feel.

Everyones path will be different but what are you doing to find yours? The tools, evidence and proof are all around you!

This book will give you a really good head start on your independent, open minded research. It’s $10 and two hours of your time.

Preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort, with great patience and instruction. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires, and will turn away their ears from the truth and will turn aside to myths. 2 Timothy 2-4.

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