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“Average” Christians?

There should be no such thing as an “average” Christian.

No such thing as a complacent Christian.

What a horrible testimony for the power of God and the Lord Jesus Christ, that most Christians look, talk, act, raise their kids, and are entertained just like what the Bible calls “the enemies of God” (Romans 5:10, Colossians 1:21), or unbelievers.

Watching Born Again Christians eke out fruit has to be so disappointing to Jesus.

If you want to be encouraged today please consider watching this amazing sermon.

Ray Vanderlann Sermon

Faith Market Place Radio Interview.

You can hear a shortened version of my testimony and about how giving my life to Jesus has affected the way I do business.

Radio Interview

Thanks to Faith Market Place and Bob Lambert for giving me an opportunity to glorify our Lord.

Former Atheist Astrophysicist, SARAH SALVIANDER, Explains Her Journey to Christianity

What a spectacular testimony!

God Hates Alcohol!

I hope someday the Lord will allow me to put some of my own thoughts into a sermon or post, but until then I’ll post the Biblical truth others have so accurately written about.

I do this now out of compassion because between now and when God calls me to write my own material, the devil is continuing to steal, kill and destroy through one of his favorite and most subtle weapons; alcohol.

Whether its through the intellectual draw of wine and ales, or just the hardcore manipulation and indoctrination of the big beer companies, the devil has both the rich and the poor on the ropes.

The “sophisticated” and “educated” take their trips to Napa and talk about all the nuances of their poison, while the simple working man gets hit over the head no matter where he goes.

Either way it’s all coming from one place; THE DEVIL!

Have some integrity before God and join the “Not a Drop For Life Club” as Tara, me and so many others have. Even though I never had a problem with alcohol, God took the desire from me four years ago and I haven’t had a drop since.

Anyone claiming to love Christ while still drinking intoxicating beverages after reading the below with a soft and humble heart has little integrity.

Anytime you alter your mind it’s a spiritual matter. This is why even being buzzed separates you from God. Ask yourself, would you come before the throne in prayer buzzed?

Article About Alcohol and Christians

Article About Alcohol

Bible Wines Book

The best advertisers for alcohol companies are parents.

God Hates Your TV!

This is a sermon I gave at our Prayer and Praise group at The Moody Church

The first football game I ever watched was the 85’ Super Bowl.

At 9 years old I found a song on the radio called the Super Bowl Shuffle.

I didn’t really know who the Bears were or anything about professional sports.

But I kept hearing this song on the radio and I finally figured out that the Chicago Bears were playing in the Super Bowl.

So I made it a point to watch because I loved that song.

That was the beginning to a 13-year journey of being a Chicago Bears fan.

I watched or listened to every game, knew every player, all the stats and every angle.

I went to training camp in Platteville Wi to get autographs of what I thought were my heroes.

This went on until about the age of 22, when it all started to fade.

One week something changed inside of me.

I did the same routine that week that I’d done every week for the past 13 years.

I watched all the sports shows, got fired up about the game, and when Sunday came I was in a frenzy.

It was just like every other game,

Every good play by the Bears had me euphoric,

And every bad play had me screaming at the top of my lungs.

13 years of that.

But on this day – after the game – I felt almost depressed.

I couldn’t figure it out, the Bears had won.

What’s the deal?

Read more…

Easter Sunday Testimony At The Moody Church.

I want to thank the The Moody Church for the opportunity to share what the Lord has done in my life.

Scott Faulkner Testimony. Powerful!!


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